If you’ve noticed rust on your garage door, you should fix that as soon as possible so the rust doesn’t spread. You can fix and repaint the door partially to save time, but many people also choose to repaint the entire door to prevent the rust from spreading.

But Why Do Garage Doors Get Rusty?

Well, there could be several reasons but the most common one is related to environmental conditions. If you live in a place with high moisture, by the river, for example, rust can occur. The same goes for a garage door that is exposed to snow, rain, and ice. However, another factor that impacts your garage door is the way it’s painted and the materials used to do it. Usually, all garage doors are coated with one layer of primer and then 2 layers of paint. In between, a coating of zinc is applied to protect the door from rusting.

If your garage door wasn’t properly treated, this may increase the chances of rusting. On the other hand, if your garage door is damaged in some way, this also may be the reason why rust appears.

If the rust spots are small and superficial, it will be easy to remove them and your garage door will look as if new. If the spots are bigger and stubborn, you might have a hard time removing them. We wrote about methods of removing rust from your door in a different post, so check it out.

As you can see, rust can appear for several reasons but they’re all related to exposure to moisture. Be it rain, snow, proximity to water, this affects your garage door. That is why it is important to maintain them, clean them from time to time, and remove any rust posts as soon as they appear. Contact us for more information.