The springs on a garage door are one of the components that usually gets faulty. With a broken spring, it becomes difficult to get the door to work properly. Just in case you are wondering why the springs are important, here are a few things you need to know about the springs on your garage doors.

What is a Garage Door Spring?

The springs on your garage door are what’s responsible for getting it to open and close. For something that you use daily, you should expect that it will require extensive force to operate. The garage doors are operated by a counterbalance system that makes use of direct force to offset the weight of the garage door.

How Do Garage Door Springs Work?

The mechanism behind the operation of a garage door system can be of two types.

The Extension Spring System

In this scenario, the springs are joined to cables that are then attached to the foot of the garage door. The springs on the door are stretched out when you open the door hence the name extension spring system.

It’s the stored energy on the extended spring that is responsible for lifting the garage door. The frequent up and down movement of the door results in the weakening of the springs. When installing this type of door, it’s recommended that you run a safety cable through them to prevent injury when the spring breaks.

Torsion Spring System

Your garage door may also be operated through a torsion spring system. In this scenario, torsion springs are fixed horizontally on top of the door opening. Cables are attached to the bottom edges of the door which causes the spring to wound up when the door comes down. The stored energy in the spring causes it to unwind when the garage door is open. Also, you can expect to make routine repairs and maintenance due to the repeated stress on the spring.

Who to Call?

Once you begin to notice irregularities with your spring system, it is only wise that you call the services of a professional. At United Garage Doors, we carry out garage door maintenance services on all kinds of spring systems. We are a Las Vegas garage door repair company that carry out 24/7 maintenance services to our clients and customers. It doesn’t matter whether you need to install new springs or carry out repairs on your old one. Give us a call today, we’ve got you covered.