Gone are the days when garages were dusty, grease-filled spaces to simply park a vehicle and quickly enter your home. Garage designs are popular on magazine covers and centerfolds. A stylish garage door can upgrade the look of your home. When done right, your curb appeal increases the value of your property by about 5%.

With trends always evolving, United Garage Doors is here to help you stay up to the times. With that being said, here are the trends we think you should look forward to in 2020.

Glass Garage Doors

Already a trend for their sleek, modern appeal, the attraction to glass doors seems to be on the rise for the coming year. These doors help you save on your electricity bill because of the amount of natural light they allow into your home.

Energy Efficiency

When it comes to energy efficiency in your home, the right garage door can have a great impact. By properly insulating your garage doors and opting for materials such as steel or fiberglass, your energy consumption will be lower.

Smart Garage Doors

Smart technology has become a must. It adds such convenience and peace of mind that you’d wonder why someone didn’t think of it sooner. Just imagine with the help of an app on your phone, you can open and close your garage door, and lock it even when you’re miles away.

Statement Colors, Designs, and Accessories

Colors and designs are getting bolder by the minute to create a greater impact on your curb appeal. Decorative hinges and handles can enhance the look of your garage. Adding greenery along the sides and arbors above the doors can also make your entrance more inviting.

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