Isn’t it amazing how quickly time flies? Imagine 2019 is almost over! Luckily, you’re still in time to get your hands on one of the best garage doors on the market. Before you rush out and make that purchase though, make sure you choose the right type and brand of door opener for your added protection. There are several door opener brands to choose from, but the top contenders for 2019 are the Genie and LiftMaster brands.

The Genie garage door openers are specially outfitted with Safety T-Beam technology, GenieSense Monitoring and Diagnostic Technology, and the Intellicode Access Security System.

Our favorites in the Genie brand are:

  • SilentMax 1000 carries a steel-reinforced belt, which is responsible for the absence of noise while opening and closing
  • SilentMax 1200 is perfect for all residential garage doors, and also has motion detection lighting
  • Chain Drive 500 is a fantastic choice for its heavy-duty build and high performance
  • QuietLift is super quiet and perfect for those garages that are connected to housing units

The LiftMaster garage door openers are quiet yet very durable. For the best in home protection, this brand is of unparalleled quality. LiftMaster openers also come with a wide range of remote controls for ease of convenience.

Our top choices for the LiftMaster brand are:

  • WLED Opener has a corner to corner LED lighting, DC motor, and battery backup
  • 8550W Opener is outfitted with battery backup, automatic garage door lock, and DC motor
  • 8500 Opener has a wall-mount feature, battery backup, electronic garage door lock, and product warranty alert
  • 8587W Opener has the capability of opening the most massive doors and has built-in wifi and an automatic garage door lock

At United Garage Door, we pride ourselves on using only the best products on the market for our customers. These are top-of-the-line in quality, performance, and reliability. So if you need more information on Genie and LiftMaster garage door openers, contact us today.