las vegas | Las Vegas Garage Door Repair - Part 2

Contemporary Garage Doors for Modern Homes

By | Garage Door Installation, Las Vegas

Offset Windows

The modern garage door for the modern house doesn’t have to be perfectly symmetrical. After all, the front of your house is probably not perfectly symmetrical! Offset windows, columns of windows off to one side, are a great way to build a modern garage. They can balance the house out without resorting to a boring garage door. It makes the garage pop, setting it apart as something different from the house.
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About Garage Door Weatherproofing

By | Garage Door Installation, Henderson NV, Las Vegas

Your garage is an essential part of your home. Used for more than just parking your vehicle, your garage can act as a storage space, home gym or work space. Therefore, ensuring that it is properly sealed and weatherproofed should be at the top of your priority list. It will reduce your energy bill, protect your garage from rodents, weather, and intruders, and safeguard the longevity of your garage. Here’s how we help you at United to weatherproof your garage.
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