Steel Garage Door Options

When it comes to choosing a garage door, there are many choices one can go for which can confuse the customers. There is wood, aluminum, fiberglass, steel, etc. It can really get confusing when choosing the right material. This is why you should call in our team of experts in Las Vegas who have years of experience in this field. If you get an appointment with us, you’ll receive a free evaluation. We’ll help you determine which door would most likely suit your house. In case you are after a high-performing and a long-lasting door, then the best option is to install a steel door. Steel doors are durable and provide the maximum strength and security to your garage. They are also cost effective when chosen carefully and maintained well. We have multiple options available for you to choose from and we will ensure that they are installed perfectly. There are also options available to customize your garage door and get them fit according to the style chosen.

We always believe in customer satisfaction and hence, that is our first priority. We’ll send out our highly qualified team of engineers to your place and give you a quote. They’ll also suggest different qualities and types of doors that you can go with along with the prices for each door. The steel doors can be low maintenance if properly installed and the regular servicing is done properly. We will advise you on how to maintain the steel doors and also let you know the inside secrets of maintaining the garage doors. For the installation, you can trust our experienced team of engineers who have been working in this field for years. With steel garage doors, you’ll only need to do a yearly cleaning of your garage door with a detergent and lukewarm water. We’ll ensure that the door does not catch rust by painting or applying a coat of polyester on them.

There are many varieties of steel doors. They can be insulated or left un-insulated or can also have a double skin. There are numerous possibilities of the designs and you can choose from composite, vinyl boards, or faux trim for the exterior part of the door to make it look like wood. They can also be designed to look like traditional carriage house doors. As mentioned earlier, there can be a number of possibilities regarding the designs of the garage doors. You name it and we have it.

Vintage designs, decorative windows, different colors, textures, finishes, and more – we stock them all. There is an optional choice to have the steel garage doors treated in order to ensure the best durability, dent-resistance, energy efficiency, and quiet operation. With so many choices right in front of you, it sometimes can be confusing. Don’t worry, we’re right here with you and we’ll guide you through each and every step and ensure you what the right choice is. Do keep in mind that by installing a steel garage door, you’re going to save on maintenance costs as well. Not only that but they’re more cost efficient when compared to other materials.

Call us right now to book an inspection at your place for a steel garage door fitting. We’ll give you multiple options with pricing along with many deals and discounts that we will add to the end of the quote. You can never go wrong with us and our team of highly qualified engineers who work with us. Call now for a free estimate.


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