Selecting a garage door for apartment buildings has its own uniqueness. There are a few things to look for that will be different when choosing one for your home or business. At United Garage Door, we created a list you can use when this time arrives.

  • Everyone wants a beautiful home; it doesn’t matter if it’s permanent or temporary. So you should select a style that will complement your apartment building and beautify your tenants’ living area.
  • A powder coat finish can add value and style to your building. It is scratch-resistant, environment-friendly, and can be applied to a wide range of garage doors.
  • Apartment building garage doors are used daily. That’s why we believe you should invest in long-life hardware and springs that can withstand constant use.
  • The thickness of a sheet of metal is specified by gauges. The heavier the gauges, the better the garage door will survive on your apartment building. We advise you to use 24-gauge steel or thicker.
  • An automatic door is locked by whoever has access to the remote. In this case, if there is no entrance other than the garage door, you should insert a vault release with a key. It can be used in cases of power outages or if the door has been damaged. If you have a manual door, you can consider a master key in case tenants misplace their copy.
  • Lastly, because keys can be costly to replace, consider charging a refundable fee. This will apply to tenants who misplace their key and will ensure they are careful with their remotes and keys.

Once you follow these guidelines, you can enjoy lower costs in the future and a door with long-lasting use. Contact us at 24/7 United Garage Door to help with your selection. After all, we are the leading garage door company in Las Vegas!