Having a properly functioning garage door opener is essential for your safety. Keeping your garage door securely closed can prevent an unwanted intruder from entering into your home. Not addressing the issue can cause serious risks to your safety and well-being. If you’re questioning if you need to replace your garage door opener you’ve come to the right place. There are many common signs that indicate that your garage door opener needs to be replaced.

Signs That Your Garage Door Needs To Be Replaced

When you click on a garage door opener it’s inevitable that it will make noise. However, if you start to notice that the noise is louder than normal or if you’re hearing a shrill squeaking noise, it could be a sign that there is an issue with the garage door opener. When the garage door opener begins making odd sounds that are out of the ordinary, it might mean that the garage door opener is nearing the end. It might be time to consider replacing it.

Another sign that’s indicative of needing a new garage door opener is if the garage door freezes midway through opening or closing the door. The garage door might also open and close intermittently or close/open and then reverse the initial action. This can be quite a nuisance especially if you have to manually open and close the garage door yourself. The garage door not opening or closing properly is a big warning sign that the opener is getting old or is malfunctioning. It could be a safety issue if you think the garage door closed and it is still halfway open.

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Thankfully replacing the garage door opener is an easy fix. There are a variety of garage door options available to you and replacing it will ensure that you are safe and secure in your home. Contact us today for a free quote.