Are My Springs Damaged?

Springs are found at the base of the door on either side of the garage. Unlike some of the other mechanical and electrical components, the springs are pretty simple parts, and it should be rather easy for you to tell whether or not they’ve been damaged.

If one spring breaks or is damaged, the door will become excessively heavy. It might be really tough to lift it manually, and your opener may no longer have the power to lift it. This is because the springs provide tension and acceleration that helps the heavy door get off the ground.

Can I Replace Just One Spring?

No. Replacing just a single spring, even if the other spring is in perfect working condition, can add torque to your door. The new spring that you put on will inevitably have a bit more strength and tension than the other spring, which can cause the door to warp a bit when it is pulled up by uneven tension on both sides. When replacing garage door springs, you should always replace both springs at the same time.

Should I Replace Springs on My Own

Unlike many different features of a garage door, the springs are not something that you should attempt to replace on your own. The door is really big and heavy, and if it is stuck in the up position and you disconnect it, it can come crashing down. Additionally, even damaged springs can have sharp edges and plenty of tension left in them. This can make them pop off or spring back in ways that can injure you.

Garage Door Spring Replacement

Ultimately, you should leave spring repair and spring replacement to the pros. We’re really quick to respond and we can usually get your door up and running again in a really short amount of time. Replacing springs can be dangerous! It’s not the garage door DIY trick to try at home. Contact us for help now.