Your garage is an essential part of your home. Used for more than just parking your vehicle, your garage can act as a storage space, home gym or work space. Therefore, ensuring that it is properly sealed and weatherproofed should be at the top of your priority list. It will reduce your energy bill, protect your garage from rodents, weather, and intruders, and safeguard the longevity of your garage. Here’s how we help you at United to weatherproof your garage.

Insulation – Just like the rest of your home, insulating your garage door helps regulate temperature. Insulation reduces your heating and cooling costs and external noises from penetrating the walls of your home.

Weather Stripping and Sealing – Water and snow don’t belong in your garage, yet they often find their way in (e.g. underneath your door, along the sides, or between the panels). By installing seals and weather-stripping, your garage will be well protected.

Proper Venting – Humidity and moisture in your garage is an open invitation for mold and mildew. This creates an unusable and unhealthy space and costs you thousands in abatement or remediation. Proper ventilation can prevent these mishaps.

Window Tinting – Glass garage doors add a nice look to your home, but if un-tinted, they can take a toll on your energy bill. Tinting your glass panels prevents excess heat penetration, which challenges the efficient cooling of your home.

Regular Maintenance – Regular maintenance on your garage doors reveals issues that would otherwise go unnoticed, costing you money, time, and convenience.

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