If you’ve had your garage for many years, it might be time to have your garage door tuned up. There are many reasons that people invest in garage tune ups. The most important reason is to ensure that your garage is functioning properly and safely. If you’ve had your garage for many years it might be the time to take action and invest in a garage tune up. If you’re unsure if a garage tune up is right for you, consider all of the benefits that are included in a garage door tune-up.

When a professional comes in to inspect your garage door for a tune up, they will perform a full diagnostic assessment of your garage door.

They might start off by testing the remote to make sure it’s functioning properly. If the remote is slow or glitchy, they might replace the battery or if it’s an old remote they might give you a new one. Along with the remote, they will check the keypad for functionality and for water damage. A keypad is very susceptible to water damage, especially if it hasn’t been closed properly. If this is the case, they may give you a new keypad.

Garage Door Springs

Next, they will inspect the torsion spring to make sure that it is coiled properly and not too loose. Along with that they will check to make sure that there isn’t any damage to the cable. They will make sure the cable of the garage door is properly aligned in the correct track. If anything is misaligned, they can easily fix the problem.

They will also check the sensor beams to make sure that they are aligned properly. They might also test to see if there are any sensitivities with the sensors such as damage due to sunlight exposure. If they suspect there is any damage to the sensor beams, they might try and fix or replace the sensors.

If you’re still questioning if a tune up is right for you, consider talking to a trusted professional to get an estimate. Contact us today.