Garage Door Cable Drum Repair Service

Every garage door has a component known as the garage door drum. It works with the door springs so that your garage door will work smoothly and the mechanism will act well. It is also responsible for keeping your garage door balanced whenever you open or close it. Our experienced technicians are well-versed and know how to repair the garage door drums. There are usually three types of garage door drums, namely, standard lift, vertical lift, and the high lift. Each kind of cable drum is specifically designed to balance the door depending on the maximum height of the door, its weight, and the thickness and the length of the cable.

Standard lift – This is usually used in residential garage doors. The standard lift cable drums are mostly flat. However, towards the end, they raise up slightly. This aids the door to balance as it starts up open upwards. This type of cable drums is available in three diameters: 4″, 5-1/4″ and 8″. Each drum also has its specific cable capacity. Depending on the manufacturer of that drum, the capacity number is imprinted on the drum. It usually is in feet or inches. The 8” diameter model has a cable capacity of about 32-feet.

Vertical lift – This type is usually seen in industrial or warehouse backgrounds. These cable drums are a bit taller than the standard lift model. When the door is closed, the cable moves away from the shaft. When it open, the cable winds up on the drum and moves in close to the shaft. It also comes in three diameters: 8-1/2″, 11″ and 13-1/2″. Here as well, each cable drum has a number stamped on it which informs us of the drum’s cable capacity. It is usually in feet or inches, as above. The 13-1/2″ diameter cable drum features a cable capacity of 28 feet.

High lift – This type of cable drum features a vertical rise near the door while the horizontal track is closer to the ceiling. These have a flat surface for a portion like the standard lift drums and a raised part like the vertical lift drums. The garage door is designed to open vertically using the raised portion. It then switches to using the horizontal track. This option comes in five diameters: 4″, 5-1/2″, 5-3/4″, 6-3/8″, and 8″. As with others, you will find the number printed inside the cable drum that showcases the capacity of the drum’s cable.

If they are not maintained properly and over a period of time, it may cause the garage door to become shaky or it might start giving our squeaky noises. This may also be caused due to the building up of rust and dust. If you want to maintain your garage doors, regular maintenance is the main component. You must never skip this. If you need a maintenance check, we are available to help you out. If you are facing any issues with your garage door drum, we will assist you in repairing or replacing it.

If you are looking for assistance for any maintenance or repair tasks, we are always here to help you out. We understand that problems crop at the most inconvenient of times. That is why we offer 24 hours emergency service as well in Las Vegas. Our technicians are available at all times of the day and the night and during any type of weather. Our main focus is our customers and we make sure that they are satisfied. That is why we have managed to constantly gather 5-star reviews. Looking forward to servicing all your garage needs, including maintenance and repairs.


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