If your garage door is no longer functioning properly and you want to try and resolve the issue yourself, here are some guidelines for fixing a garage door. The first step is to identify the source of the problem. A very common issue is that the garage door won’t open or close properly. If this is the case, check that the motor’s power cord is plugged in properly.

The motor is located at the top of the garage. Look up and make sure that cord is plugged in. If your motor has LED lights on the side, you can easily check to see if the lights are turned on. If they aren’t, that means there’s an issue with the power source which is a very easy fix. If that’s not the issue, check the keypad on the outside of the garage.

Garage Door Keypad

If the keypad is slow or malfunctioning, first try changing the battery. If you suspect the keypad has water damage, consider replacing the keypad unit altogether. First try changing the battery though before replacing it.

If the keypad isn’t the issue, look at the torsion springs on the garage door. Make sure the springs aren’t loose or damaged. If you suspect that there’s an issue with the torsion springs and you aren’t comfortable fixing the issue yourself, call a professional. If the torsion springs aren’t the issue, inspect the garage door sensors.

The garage door sensors are located towards the bottom of the garage door and serve as a safety measure to ensure that no one gets stuck under the garage. However, sometimes the garage door sensors can malfunction. First check to see if there’s any dirt build up on the sensor. Simply take a microfiber cloth and wipe the sensors. Also check to see if the sensors are aligned properly. If the sensors are misaligned, recenter them. If you’re having issues aligning them yourself or still can figure out the issue, consider calling a professional. Contact us for a free garage repair door quote in Las Vegas.