Install a Fiberglass Garage Door

Are you looking to install a beautiful garage door? A fiberglass garage door is a great choice, and they’re really beautiful if installed properly. We’ll take care of the installation for you. These garage doors are affordable and come in customizable sizes. Call us now in order to book an inspection at your place to see the options we can offer you. Our experienced team of engineers in Las Vegas will come to your place and discuss different options for your garage door.

We are the best when it comes to garage door installations in Las Vegas and our first priority is customer satisfaction. We have many loyal customers who get their garage doors repaired with us whenever they face a problem. Not only that but we’re constantly expanding thanks to the support we receive from our client base. Our customers always refer us to their friends and families and hence, customer service our top priority. As our customer, you’ll also benefit from having multiple choices of garage door installations and last but not least, we’ll ensure that you get the best price so that your garage door search ends here. In case you’re looking for a fiberglass garage door, we’re just a call away and available 24 hours a day.

One of the main reasons why people go for a fiberglass garage door is because of its wood-like appearance and low cost. They’re also light in weight and can be treated to give an old-fashioned look. There are multiple types of fiberglass garage doors which are discussed below.

Single-Layer Fiberglass – These types of garage doors consist of a layer of fiberglass fixed between steel or aluminum framing which bond to create the panels of the garage door.

Double-Layer Fiberglass – These garage doors have insulation between the two layers of fiberglass to ensure they are energy efficient.

Triple-Layer Fiberglass – In these garage doors, the insulation is added between the layers of the fiberglass, making them not only energy-efficient but also strong.

The best part of these fiberglass garage doors with a wood-like look is that they’re resistant to termites and dents. In case you’re considering the idea of installing a fiberglass garage door, then you should call us right away to book an inspection. We’ll offer you multiple choices and quotes the same day. Don’t forget the discounts which we’ll offer once the quotes are provided. Fiberglass garage doors also help in regulating the temperature inside the garage which proves to be energy efficient.

The doors are light in weight and can be an added advantage in case you do not use automated doors and you have the manual ones. There are numerous benefits of using a fiberglass door. Another one is that you will not have to worry about corrosion as it is not made up of steel. This makes it ideal for people who live close to the shores. These doors do not contract or expand due to temperature changes which are more points in its favor. As these doors are semi-transparent, they allow a bit of light to seep through to your garage. In case you don’t want the light, you can get them to be painted with a dark color.

Call us and book a free inspection by our highly qualified engineers in Las Vegas. They have years of experience in this industry. Not only will we give you a free quote, but we’ll also explain the benefits of each and every option that we offer. Call now for more information.


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