Offset Windows

The modern garage door for the modern house doesn’t have to be perfectly symmetrical. After all, the front of your house is probably not perfectly symmetrical! Offset windows, columns of windows off to one side, are a great way to build a modern garage. They can balance the house out without resorting to a boring garage door. It makes the garage pop, setting it apart as something different from the house.

Black and White Minimalist

If loud colors and offset windows aren’t your thing, keep things simple with a black and white minimalist design. It can play nicely against any colors on your house or on your car, and the simple tone looks refined and professional.


Wood garage doors can be a bit bold and risky, but if you’ve got a lot of brick or a monochrome color scheme on your house, it can be the perfect touch. Wood-based garage doors, often utilizing faux-wood, project a sense of delicacy and nature.


Tired of garage doors that swing overhead when they open? A side swinging garage door gate is a different way to rev the engine, turn the headlights on, and make your morning commute. It adds a completely different style to the house. If you’re on a street with a number of neighbors, a side-opening garage door is a great way to be memorable and on another level.


If you’re not too worried about the heat and insulation, garage doors that leverage a lot of glass and windows can add some transparency and style to your garage. Why not give people a peek at what’s under the hood?

Ready for an Upgrade?

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