About CHI Garage Doors

We are proud and excited to let you know that we are among the area’s top company to anybody needing garage door services. We offer free garage door suggestions and advice to all our customers. One of the benefits of CHI is that it offers different options and qualities for your garage door. It assists in helping you choose from their wide range of materials, insulation types, styles, colors, and budget. We understand that the budget is a major factor for many people. That is why we offer excellent and high-quality options at all price range. This helps you in choosing the best garage door that suits all your needs and fits perfectly with your lifestyle and pre-existing architecture.

However, the process of choosing a door can overwhelm a customer. Especially when they haven’t done something like this before. You can contact us at any time and our experts will help you and suggest different options available that would suit your requirements. You might have noticed that we have excellent customer service ratings. That is because we place the customers on the top of our priority list and we take care of every issue you have. With C.H.I., you can be sure you’ll get an exquisite garage door.

C.H.I. offers the customers choices that are fabulous and of high-quality. Their collection of residential garage doors is best known for their beautiful and splendid designs. All their products come with lifetime warranties and maintenance recommendations. Not only this, but you’ll also find extended warranties on some of their products. This is on certain models only. They also offer lifetime package warranty’s on all the premium steel doors they offer. Springs, tracks, and hardware also have limited lifetime warranties. Many people don’t trust warranties as they usually have to run around to avail it. However, you don’t have to worry on that front. We’ll help you claim your warranty, at any time you want, and for any issue you might be facing. We are committed to serving you and are available at all times.

C.H.I garage doors have various collections, all of which we stock for your convenience. Below is the list of the collections and some details about it.

Accents – Accents Wood-tones garage doors have been delicately designed and produced. They have used full-color digital imaging in addition to insulated steel to develop the best quality. It’s also among the most realistic wood-tone garage doors available in the market today. Each design by the company fits in with contemporary and traditional styles, making sure there is something for everybody.

Raised Panel – The raised panel design by C.H.I. is available in two kinds of material – fiberglass and steel. These usually do not include insulation but the customers have the option of adding polystyrene or polyurethane insulation.

Recessed Panel – This collection can be found in either aluminum or steel. It is the company’s original collected. You’ll get the choice of non-insulated, polystyrene, or polyurethane insulation options.

Flush Panel – This is available only in steel with the usual insulation options.

Carriage House Overlay – This is available in wood, fiberglass, and steel. As usual, you may choose the type of insulation you want to go for.

Carriage House Stamped Garage Doors – These are garage doors with traditional designs and are available in steel.

We’re the experts in this field and you won’t regret choosing us as your service provider for all your garage needs. Our technicians are well-trained and have gone through many background checks. Contact us for pricing details now!


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