Property maintenance can feel like a never-ending challenge especially if you have an older property. Due to wear and tear, your fixtures and fittings will need servicing or changing at some point in time. Your garage door is no exception. Due to worn or malfunctioning mechanisms, such as door openers, springs, keypads, automatic locks, etc., you can expect to do some repairs or replacements.

However, we do not encourage you to try to fix it yourself if you don’t have the right skills and tools. You can create further damages to the door or experience personal injury as well. Your garage door is made up of complex components that work together to ensure it works well all the time. Therefore, it is best for you to always seek help from experts when things go wrong.

So when should you call a garage repair company? Below are some instances:

  • Need to install a new door during renovations to your property
  • Lost passwords or codes to open the door
  • Broken springs in the door are broken – this can be very dangerous
  • Worn-out and/or frayed cables – this requires immediate attention
  • Excessive noise or heavy vibrations when opening and closing the door – there may be an issue with the door’s rollers and pulleys
  • Accidental damage to the door via a vehicle or otherwise
  • For general maintenance and tune-up – this will ensure that your door functions at its best
  • Damaged or broken panels that need to be replaced or repaired

If any of these situations sound like you, don’t worry. Our highly trained and professional technicians at United Garage Door, Las Vegas can help. They will visit your property and give you a full evaluation of the situation. Once you agree with the recommendations, we will have your door functioning again in no time! If you need assistance with your garage door, give us a call or message us. We are always ready to serve you.