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About Garage Door Weatherproofing

By | Garage Door Installation, Henderson NV, Las Vegas

Your garage is an essential part of your home. Used for more than just parking your vehicle, your garage can act as a storage space, home gym or work space. Therefore, ensuring that it is properly sealed and weatherproofed should be at the top of your priority list. It will reduce your energy bill, protect your garage from rodents, weather, and intruders, and safeguard the longevity of your garage. Here’s how we help you at United to weatherproof your garage.
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When Should You Call A Garage Door Repair Company?

By | Garage Door Maintenance, Garage Door Springs

Property maintenance can feel like a never-ending challenge especially if you have an older property. Due to wear and tear, your fixtures and fittings will need servicing or changing at some point in time. Your garage door is no exception. Due to worn or malfunctioning mechanisms, such as door openers, springs, keypads, automatic locks, etc., you can expect to do some repairs or replacements.
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Top-Rated Garage Door Openers in 2019

By | Garage Door Openers

Isn’t it amazing how quickly time flies? Imagine 2019 is almost over! Luckily, you’re still in time to get your hands on one of the best garage doors on the market. Before you rush out and make that purchase though, make sure you choose the right type and brand of door opener for your added protection. There are several door opener brands to choose from, but the top contenders for 2019 are the Genie and LiftMaster brands.
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