As we know, garage doors can be controlled by remote control in your car, a switch on the wall or a keypad attached on the outside of your garage. While these are quite useful, here are a few advantages of investing in a garage door opener keypad.

  • Garage door opener keypads have a dual-frequency radio which operates the keypad after you have entered your personal identification number. These keyless entry systems are usually placed outside your door in case you misplace or forget your remote control. They are even more reliable than before.
  • When selecting your garage door opener keypad, look for one with rolling codes that prevent anyone from hacking your code. You can also select the fingerprint option. This will be stored into your device’s memory and no unwanted guest can enter.
  • Garage door opener keypads are easier, more convenient and safer when you have children. Kids may lock themselves out, be careless with their keys and remotes, and they may not be as careful as adults. This will teach them more about modern technology.
  • Your keypad system for your garage door can be tied into your alert system and numerically coded to your entry system. This feature gives you another source of safety protection.
  • With your keypad system, you can be equipped with accessories that turn on your garage lights if necessary. This is very useful when you are arriving home late at night and need increased visibility of your premises.

Remember to always secure your garage as you would your house. The garage door opener keypads are designed to make your life easier so take advantage of this technology. Discover the latest features available and feel free to contact us at 24/7 United Garage Door, Las Vegas for any assistance needed.