When choosing a new garage door, you should ensure you have a strong, sturdy door frame. By using a process called capping or cladding, you can protect your door from harsh weather and wear and tear. Here are five reasons why you should cover with aluminum.

1. The Material

The type of aluminum used for capping and cladding is usually used for gutters and for covering other exterior parts of buildings. The aluminum bends to fit your specific door and can withstand harsh weather conditions. You can have a professional garage door company do this during a door installation since the technician would already have the tools to get it done.

2. The Maintenance

Aluminum on your garage door can help to reduce the need for frequent maintenance. There will be no worries of rust or about sunlight causing it to fade since it is weather resistant. All you need is a little soapy water to clean the aluminum and keep your door looking like new.

3. The Preservation

Covering the exterior of your garage door and frame will cut down on the painting process. Wood will most likely have to be painted or stained every couple of years to keep it looking good. But with the aluminum, your wooden door will be protected from rotting.

4. The Texture

You can seal your garage door with aluminum, and you will find that it tends to look very smooth. It also stays flexible even when it gets very cold outside.

5. The Aesthetics

Aluminum cladding is perfect for aesthetics. Garage doors can be very appealing if you are going to sell your home and with the cladding, they will look great for years! An aluminum door can add value and be a pleasant sight for potential buyers. Contact us at United Garage door to cover your door with aluminum. Your garage door will thank you.