Having trouble keeping bugs out of your garage? Insects taking refuge in your garage when the weather changes? If the answer is yes, then we, at 24/7 United Garage Door, have some advice for you. Here are four easy, yet important tips to make sure that bugs and insects remain out of your garage space.

  • Sometimes it may slip your mind to close your garage door and this can be an opportunity for rain to get in. There may even be an incident where you leave standing water in containers, a garbage can lid or any other item which can be an invitation for mosquitoes. Having a garage door connected with an app, the built-in GPS will send you a reminder to close your door.
  • We also suggest you put some proactive measures in place. For example, spray insecticide on both sides of your baseboards or place ant traps on the outside of your garage.
  • Don’t be fooled, bugs and insects can be very sneaky. They can gain entry through walls that have small cracks or holes in them. After locating these cracks, it is now time to pull out your caulking gun and start filling those holes.

You probably think because you followed the tips above that you’re set. But, there happens to be a small entry point at the bottom of your garage door. This is an easy fix. You can put a garage door threshold seal in place to prevent water and bugs. For this step, the professionals at 24/7 United Garage Door can assist you with this task.

Make sure your garage door is secure and fully functional. It will help keep unwanted creatures out. At 24/7 United Garage Door, we could visit your home and assess the condition of your door. Give us a call or message us today!