We, at United Garage Door, understand everyone wants a beautiful stylish home. And we are here to provide you with the door that best suits you. Yes, we know a garage door must be strong and safe but this does not mean it can’t also express your style. Here are some tips to find the perfect door for you.

Choose The Right Material

Determine which garage door material best fits your criteria and still matches your style. Should you go with wooden, aluminum, steel or fiberglass/PVC overlay? Select a door that complements the architecture of your home.

Choose The Right Color

The color of your garage door should blend in with your home’s structure and not stand out like a sore thumb. Instead of matching the garage door to the front door, maybe you can match it to your window trims, or even to your bricks or siding.

Include Customized Details

Why not add a little pizazz to your decor? By including a few finishing touches to your garage door will add character to your home. If the design choices are limited, you can purchase decorative accents and hardware. You can choose between paneling, decorative hardware, decorative strapping and windows. These extra details will display your style and personality, as you envisioned your dream home.

Play It Safe

The last and most important step is to ensure your garage door has all the features you require. Make sure it is properly installed, insulated, safe, and secure and your door opener operates as it should.

Now you have the steps to selecting a garage door that you love, it’s time to make that call. At United Garage Door, we have a variety of garage doors that could match any design. Contact us today and let’s help you find the dream door for your garage.