Unless you’re attending to some much-needed home renovations, or simply updating your curb appeal, you never get around to fixing or replacing your garage door. After being installed, the only attention a garage door gets is when it’s opened and closed.

Your automatic garage door system is made up of numerous parts that rust, break or malfunction. Without regular maintenance, faults may go unnoticed until it’s too late. Let’s look at four main reasons why you should ensure regular maintenance of your garage door.


Over 30,000 people get injured by garage doors every year. These accidents occur because of broken doors falling, or when closing due to faulty sensors. Having your garage door checked by a professional regularly can prevent injury to your loved ones, as well as your car.

Convenience and Accessibility

More than just another access point into your home, your garage is a way to exit your car and enter your home safely without the risk of being held up by someone, or the nuisance of inclement weather. With a garage door failure, the convenience we so often take for granted would be lost.

Unwanted Expenses

Garage door repairs and/or replacements can require extensive work that can take a huge chunk out of your savings. That dream vacation or car you’ve been saving for… gone in an instant because of an unexpected garage door malfunction. Regular maintenance makes things easier and helps you avoid surprises.


Just like your car, your garage door system needs tuning up every now and then. Once it’s being used, wear and tear are unavoidable. Consistent upkeep, however, helps to prolong the lifespan of your garage door.

At United Garage Doors, quality service is our priority. Our customers are our family, and we always want the best for you. So budget for regular maintenance. Your garage door and your pocket will thank you! Contact us now.