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United Garage Door is locally owned and operated in Las Vegas. We pride ourselves in providing our customers with unrivaled, professional garage door repair services. We also provide garage door replacement services at competitive prices. Call now!

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Garage Door Openers

Do you have a defective garage door opener that’s not working? United Garage Door offers top of the line garage openers, such as LiftMaster, plus garage door opener accessories.

Panel Replacement & Repair

Do you have a broken or bent garage door panel? Is your panel sagging stopping the garage door from opening or closing? We’ll immediately replace or repair your garage door panel.

Residential Doors

United Garage Door specializes in the installation, repair and maintenance of all residential and commercial garage doors. Our knowledgeable technician will go over your garage door options.

Garage Door Springs

We carry the best torsion springs on the market. United Garage Door has an array of premium quality garage door springs appropriate for your garage door. Same day service available.

Off Track Repair Service

Do you have an off track garage door? No need to stress. Our expert team at United Garage Door is well-equipped to fix your off track garage door. Same day service, satisfaction guaranteed.

Garage Door Repair

We will expertly repair your garage door cables, springs, garage door opener, sprockets, bent or damaged garage door panels, and misshapen garage door tracks with ease.

Garage Door Maintenance Service

Is your garage door noisy? Is it lowering and raising slowly or even jumping on the tracks? Our technicians will make sure that your garage door is in safe and proper working condition.

Garage Door Installation

Whether your garage door is old and broken down or you want to improve the look of your home, United Garage Door will certainly give you the superior service you deserve.

Weather Seals

Old or worn out weather strip? Our specialists will install a brand new garage door weather strip, which will keep rodents, rain and dirt away from your garage door.

United Garage Door is fully licensed and equipped to meet all of your garage door repair and installation needs. We offer the best services to our customers at the lowest prices.

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24/7 Emergency Service

24/7 Garage Door Repair Services in Las Vegas

We provide high-quality service to all our clients and we take great pride in our customer service. If you’re looking for professional, punctual, and fast garage door replacement or a broken spring repair, don’t hesitate to call us.

Garage doors are used on a daily basis, so in time, they can stop functioning properly. Garage doors not only function as a garage door but as a front door for some homeowners in Las Vegas. Over the years, United Garage Door of Las Vegas has established itself as a go-to garage door company known for our professionalism and reliability. Thanks to years of experience handling garage doors, our expertise, and our excellent customer service, our customers are happy to call us back whenever they experience a problem or to refer us to their friends and family.

When your garage door needs to be repaired, we know how frustrating it can be finding the right people to fix it properly and in a timely manner. Just give us a call and we’ll have your garage door working properly in no time. Our highly trained techs are on stand-by to fix your garage door using quality, band name parts. United Garage Door of Las Vegas technicians are knowledgeable and professional so you can relax knowing that your garage door is in safe hands.

When you pick up the phone and call United Garage Door of Las Vegas, we’ll arrive as soon as possible, usually the same day. We never leave our customers waiting because we know that a broken garage door is a security risk.

Not only are our capable technicians available to 24 hours per day, but we also price match our competitors to make sure you get the best possible price on parts and labor. Call now for more details.

Garage Door Spring Repair

Spring Repair Services

Garage door problems occur when you least expect it, and we know what a headache it can be when your garage door springs are broken. Fortunately, United Garage Door of Las Vegas is fully equipped and trained in replacing your garage door spring quickly and efficiently.

Garage door spring usually snap when trying to open the door. This is very unpleasant because you’ll have to leave your car outside or if it was already inside, it will remain stuck until you get the garage door springs replaced. We know what a headache this is and that’s why we specialize in replacing garage doors and springs.

You may attempt to replace the garage door spring by yourself, but we advise you not to because it is dangerous for several reasons. Garage door springs require an expert who knows exactly how to handle the situation and replace the garage door springs safely. Call us now and let us deal with this issue for you.

United Garage Door of Las Vegas has a proven record of providing a high-quality service when it comes to garage door spring replacement or any other type of garage door repairs. The best part is that we only charge exactly what the service costs, no more or less.

If you call our garage door experts in Las Vegas today, we’ll arrive at your location within a few hours or less. We also provide garage door spring repair service in a timely manner and our local technicians are standing by. We also offer a 24/7 emergency service because we know how invaluable that is for local residents in Las Vegas. Give us a call now and we’ll take care of the rest!

Drum Replacement & Repair

Garage Door Drum Replacement Services

In order for your garage door to function properly, all parts must be in good condition. If something, such as garage door drums, is damaged, you’ll need to replace them immediately. That is when we come into the picture. At United Garage Door of Las Vegas, our experts know exactly what to do and how to fix your garage door whatever the problem may be.

The Importance of Replacing Garage Door Drums

Garage door drums are a very important part of the garage door mechanism located at the end of the torsion spring shaft. Garage door drums are under extreme pressure at all times and if damaged, they may cause further problems which means a more complex and more expensive service. Additionally, they may also cause harm which is why this is a serious issue not to be tackled by amateurs.

Signs of Damage

How can you detect that something is not right with the garage door drums? If a drum is damaged, it may cause the garage door to open very slowly or to stop moving at all. Your garage door may also fall extremely fast in case a cable snaps and this is the dangerous part. If you or anyone else happens to be under the door, a serious injury is likely to occur.

If you detect anything wrong with the garage door drums or you see visible signs of damage, call us immediately. Our garage door professionals in Las Vegas know what to do in situations like these. We’ll l help you avoid additional problems and further cost, as well as prevent any harm that can result from damaged garage drums.

If you’re experiencing any garage door problems, call our experienced technicians and we’ll arrive quickly to fix the problem for you. We have the knowledge, and tools readily available; and we’re here 24/7!

Garage Door Track Repair

Garage Door Track Repair Service

When you notice that your garage door is not working properly, don’t leave it to chance. The problem could be something simple and you can repair fast, or a more serious problem that needs to be fixed by a professional in order to avoid further damage or harm.

United Garage Door of Las Vegas has a team of experts trained in dealing with any garage door issues. We’ll quickly diagnose the problem, explain it to you, and we get the job completed the same day.

Garage Door Tracks

Garage door tracks at the sides of the door often get damaged and while you may not consider the issue to be serious, it’s important to fix them. Damaged garage door tracks may cause a series of problems such as:

  • They may damage the cables
  • They cause your garage doors to be too noisy
  • They make it difficult to open and close your garage door properly

Sometimes, it’s easy to detect the problem such as a noisy door, but at other times it’s not as simple as that. Observe the track carefully in order to see if and where it’s damaged. Should you notice anything off, call the local experts at United Garage Door to handle the issue.

Reacting on time and calling professionals to fix the issue will save you a lot of money in the long run. Damaged garage door tracks can affect the entire garage door and gradually cause everything to break down. That would be an unnecessary and costly repair, so make sure that you contact us as soon as possible.

United Garage Door of Las Vegas is available to you 24/7. As soon as you call us, we promise to be there as soon as possible, usually within a few hours.

Garage Door Inspection

Garage Door Inspection Service

In order for your garage door to function properly all the time, regular maintenance is necessary. We’ll make sure that all the parts fit perfectly and function just as they’re supposed to. Your garage door is a complex mechanism with numerous parts, small and large, and it’s of utmost importance to get your door inspected from time to time to make sure everything is good.

Why Is Garage Door Inspection Necessary?

Most people use their garage doors multiple times a day to enter or exit the house. Any object that is used with such frequency will eventually break down. We can all agree how frustrating it can be when you’re in a hurry to go somewhere and your garage door suddenly won’t open. Your car is left stuck inside, you’re late for your appointment, and you don’t know what to do.

Another example of a malfunctioning garage door is when they move very slowly so it takes forever to exit or close the garage. Such situations can cause a headache and that is exactly why inspection and regular maintenance is absolutely necessary.

In time, you may also notice that your garage door is unbalanced and sags to the side. All the more reason to call on our experts to have your garage door inspected. Regular garage door inspections will prevent major problems later and you’ll save yourself a lot of money and headaches.

Detecting a problem with your garage door is not always easy. Some problems are less obvious than others and that is why you need the help United Garage Door of Las Vegas. Call our experienced technicians in Las Vegas to inspect your garage door now. Together, we can prevent any future problems.

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